Useless info about me daily working life

Tools, music, drinks, times and places that help me work better.


  • For when away while using the terminal (iTerm2), web dev, design and business : a MacBook Pro 15 notebook. It is crisp, efficient, light, reliable and beautiful to look at, just like a Katana (u-u-u-u);
  • For serious programming and machine learning: overclocked, water-cooled, work station running Ubuntu 16 with Nvidia Titan X and 2x Dell screens. It is powerful, blazingly fast and tailored to the job, just like an SS Enterprise;
  • Audio:  Sony Headphones A, a Sony HiFi Surround with Amazon Echo.
  • Communication: Mostly something async like voice messages, chats and emails. Picking up the phone is something I truly despise when I am focused. 


  • 95.0% teas+water: Matcha, Gyukuro Asahi, English Breakfast Tea (I buy my tea from, ~3L water/day + 1 lemon’s juice;
  • 2.5% coffee: Turkish/Greek style coffee in djezve;
  • 2.5% alcohol (more in my spare time 😀 ) :  Rakiya,  Guiness or Helles, Whisky (Lagavulin), ordered by preference.
pur-eh and matcha teas
Pur-eh black tea and a bowl of Matcha green tea


Genres: Classical, Electronic, IDM, Shoegaze, Chillwave, Ambient.

Artists: Yppah, Tycho, Hans Zimmer, Clive Tanaka, Ludovico Einaudi, The Cure, Beatles, John Williams, Miles Davis.

Common theme: Hard to explain, but it makes me get into the flow. Most songs do not have vocals, but I have included some to make the playlist more diverse and sometimes to pump me up a little.

Sources: Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube 


I work best in the mornings and during the night. The former because the sunlight is intense and my body likes it. The latter because it is super quiet, there are no distractions and past 22h I feel very much awake.  

my dev desk with 2 screens, a powerful workstation and all-in-one printer
My dev desk


Definetely from my home for most things. I have less distractions, can exercise and have a bunch of amenities. I also have 3 desk setups which I use interchangeably based on the time of the day, the type of work and the way my body feels. Lying on a sofa is also a major mode of operation (like when writing this article). I feel that going in my office space (or any crowded place) is mostly for meeting people and, more often than not, to kill some time and pretend I am doing stuff (a.k.a. chilling). I prefer talking to people while strolling or having a cup/glass of something. 

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