Welcome to my blog! A few words on why and what.

Here it is. After 5 years of doing full-time software development, I have my blog. I perceive this project as something important yet not really urgent. Therefore, it took me a while, doing it mostly on weekends. A blog is always a work in progress. Futhermore, I feel that the looks and functionalities should serve the content. As I am writing and uploading more of it, I will continue improving the feel of the blog. Below I answer the most basic questions in relation to my blog:


Because I want to promote what I do and believe in. Other than that I am making it because I wish to:

  • Finish stuff. Writing about something makes me persevere in learning more about it, structure my thought process and actually get things done. And getting things done makes me do more;
  • Have a common display window. I express myself readily through social media, various other platforms (e.g: Medium) and my work. However, each of them has its theme and I, more or less, adhere to it. In Facebook, for instance, I try not to be too serious or sound “professional”. It’s just the opposite on Twitter. So I decided I needed a place where the theme is “Georgy” (a.k.a. me).
  • Give back. The web has taught and helped me a lot. My entire lifestyle and mode of working is based on it. Sharing is caring. I hope I would be able to enrich the Net with some quality info and perspectives or something that can lighten up your day.


The themes I plan to cover in my blog are:

  • Computing: programming, playing with hardware, dev-ops;
  • AI: machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, reinforcement learning, cognitive science;
  • Art: digital design, UI, architecture, typography, photography;
  • Science: inventions, how things work, great scientists;
  • Zeitgeist: what is driving the world, the Bulgarian ways, essays;
  • Personal life: sports, habits, books, travels.


I hope you enjoy the blog. Cheers!
– Georgy
Sofia, 2017.02.19


  • This site is built on top of WordPress. Drupal 8 and Jekyll were the other options, but since I am building just a blog as opposed to a sophisticated web platform or a product display page, they seemed inferior to me.
  • The appearance I designed is loosely based on “Twenty Sixteen” and is influenced by various motifs I liked on the web such as Django’s page. 
  • Tooling: docker, sketch, sass, gulp, npm;





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